Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder?

Is there a God?  We all wonder sometimes.  Even me, I have known nothing different, I grew up in a wonderful, blessed Godly home.  I have been to church since I was born.  I had heard every Bible story, but had never sat down read the Bible and made it mine!  Until this year.  I have read up until Proverbs... so far.  It is a lot of take in, but I have had an opportunity to make it mine. One of the things I have come to understand in the Bible it talks about fearing God.  God disciplines those He loves and we are to obey Him and FEAR Him.  Just like you are supposed to have a fear of your father, a respectful fear, this is to keep us on the right path NOT live a life of fear.  God is there to take away our worry and anxiety and stress and in turn we do our best to follow his rules and ways.  Now this is NOT easy for everyone to do all the time ever.  But we are to do our best and ask for strength to do what is really hard or seems out of our reach.  Back to my first question... Is there a God?  My answer is still YES!!  And if there is not I do not think that I will have wasted my life trying to be the best person I can be or to show enormous amounts of love to EVERYONE!! I pray for people I REALLY dislike, as well as, those I love and cherish.  I try to encourage and value EVERYONE!!  This is not easy for me I am a quiet and shy person in general.  I do not evangelize well.  But I am a testimony and will give God the glory for my life, my daughter's life and all my friends and family.  I have seen God's unwavering faithfulness throughout my life and through all the complication of my daughter's life.  I can see the hand of God in my falls and my faults.  I have made bad choices, lots of them, going against what I knew in my heart was right.  NONE of my bad choices have left me in a better place, NONE of my bad choices left me feeling better in the morning, NONE of them!!!  That is enough reason for me to live my life for God.  I will live, love and long for what is good and right and Godly.  He has been there for me in my pit of despair and he has been there in my most fantastic day.  God is there for me!!  God is there for YOU!!!!

 I LOVE YOU!!!!!