Thursday, August 25, 2011


Are you filled with joy?  Not happiness, JOY!  I am striving to live with more joy!!  I see some people who just radiate with joy!!  My daughter may just be one of those people. I believe the spirit of Jesus runs through her veins and as He heals her, He shines through her!  She not only fills me with joy, but all those who meet her are amazed and comment on her joyful spirit!
A book I am reading defines joy as more than just delight, contentment, and gladness- it is the substance underneath!  Joy gives us strength, not just to survive but to live meaningful lives!!  What gives you joy?  My joy comes from the Lord!!  It comes from serving Him and doing what God's whats me to do!!  I find joy in sharing my joy, well, God's joy with others!  Can I challange you to love others above and beyond?  Look at your life as a way to serve others and ultimately serve GOD!!!  Find your joy, live for God and find His purpose for your life!!

Love you!!  May God lead you and bless your life with JOY!!!