Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eventful morning

Wow! What a day!  My mom called at 8:15 this morning to let me know she had fallen.  She had found the nearest urgent care center and needed to get there.  I hurried off the phone saying I will be right there.  John was at therapy with Katie and Johnny was still in pjs.  I had one day care client and he came along for the ride.  I have always said they are an extention of my family and today was the perfect example.  I was glad Katie wasn't there while we waited for 45 min in the waiting room, she would have scooted all over the place or screamed about wanting to.  Kids were figety but well behaved and I am glad I always have something fun in my purse- candy, pez and lollipop, a little bike, and a bug book.  If I had my car I would have been set but I had to take John's car with nothing fun or useful in it.  I had to go home and get Katie and another day care kid and then headed back to get my mom.  Now in my car with four car seats, stroller, diaper bag, snacks, and a MOVIE.  Perfect timing as she finished up as I pulled in and they rolled her out to my car immediately.   An hour and a half after our arrival she spent less than 10 minutes with the Dr. who said there is certainly no fracture and so he wouldn't order an xray.  SO she is supposed to spend two days off her feet, then go to HER Dr if her legs still hurt and he can order an MRI to make sure there is no ligament or tendon damage.  I don't know, I'd rather see an xray to make sure nothing is broken now, rather than wait two days or more and see her in excuriating pain.  I can sympathize more with people who care for their parents.  It is scary!  To see your Mommy in pain and not be able to really help her.  To feel the panic and worry as I drive to her house not having thought to ask 20 questions about what happened.  Thankful she held herself together and composed so I could keep it together to help her.  Wow!  She is an amazingly strong, wonderful woman- MY MOTHER!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Disneyland yesterday was ridiculously crowded!  We were there for 3 hours and went on 3 and a quarter rides.  (The quarter was the train around the park, it was closing so we rode from Toon Town to Tomorrowland, only a quarter of the route.)  We went on Peter Pan (Johnny's favorite), Pirates of the Caribbean (Katie's least favorite), and Small World.  Oh, and the tram (Johnny includes that in his list of rides).  It was exhausting but fun!  Handling both kids by myself, I thought it would easier, Johnny was an adorable perfect angel in the lines, standing and waiting perfectly, no complaining, but Katie was abnormally complaining and fussy!  Oh, well each trip will be a learning experience!  It was fun overall! Oh, but Johnny did not like the fireworks they were too loud.  I cover his ears through it all while Katie watched and enjoyed and fell asleep in my arms. 
Johnny's quote of the night was, " Mommy, I did not love the fireworks."  

Monday, March 28, 2011


I wanted to share the testimony of what God has done in the life of my daughter, Katelyn Marie Jeanblanc. Katie is 14 months old, born on January 22, 2010. Last year at this time she couldn’t look to her left and had substantial left sided weakness.  I feared my daughter might never see, walk, or play, that she might be like a newborn for a long time and never be normal.  Her movement and vision were significantly impaired.  She would kick her right leg and not her left leg; reach with her right arm and not her left arm. Her gaze would focus on the right and I wondered if she could even see her mommy and daddy.
We knew why she was having so many problems. 12 hours after birth we found out she had a bleed in her brain.  After numerous tests and scans we learned she had a stroke in utero and had extensive brain damage, a bilateral intraventricular grade 3 hemorrhage with hydrocephalus and multiple cystic areas.  We still have no medical reason to why this happened, but we have many suspicions to God’s reasons.  We have had hundreds of people praying for her over this last year- prayers for healing, blessings and growth. 
In this last year her daddy and I have worked every day to push her to potential.  I expected nothing less than her potential.  Katie has amazed us all with her abilities.  But the true realization came three weeks ago.  I took her to see a GI doctor to make sure there was not an underlying problem with her petite body and slow weight gain.  The Dr. came in and after talking had no concerns with her height or weight, but she took a moment to look over Katie’s chart and it was her look of amazement that has brought reoccurring tears of joy to my eyes.    In amazement she says, “Wow!” in disbelief that Katie was the same child as in the chart.  That one “Wow” has been ingrained into my memory of the miraculous abilities of our God.  My little girl is highly functional!  She is active, talkative, scooting all over the place.  She will probably never crawl and that’s okay, but we are praying that in the next few months she will take her first steps.  We must wait to see what effects the bleed had on her in all academic areas, but my little girl can sit up, scoot, communicate, feed herself, and love. 
I am thankful to our glorious God for her healing.  He has filled me with faith, hope, joy and love! There is no medical reason for her miraculous success and recovery.  Only an Amazing Miracle performed by our Amazing Physician!  May we praise His name forever!


Today I am enjoying my children!  Listening to Katie talk and talk and babble!  Let Johnny and his friends play in the mud!  Chatting with Katie therapists!  I actually got some stuff in the attic!  Not organized but up at least.  I secretly hope to go to Disneyland tonight!  Life is about loving those closest to me!  In so many ways!  Nothing important about today, but what it is all about... love!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

I am not sure where to start.  I am nervous to start opening up.  My life has been a pretty good one.  I have awesome family!  I have two Godly wonderful parents!  They raised me to know unconditional love.  One of my current new years resolutions is to reach out to people.  To show that I care to new people, people beyond my norm, beyond my comfort space.  I am stuck inside my house 5 days of the week, except to run errands or go to baseball games.  I feel like a useless caged animal sometimes.  I enjoy and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job and that I get to stay home with my children.  I get to love these children like my own.  I get to take care and love my children 24/7.  But with that love comes the craziness of behavior and having to be the bad guy.  I wish I could just love all the time, but that wouldn't be good parenting alone.  I like to ramble and my thoughts can go all over the place, so my writing will too! Well, I want to love people outside of my house I want to show love to people who don't know the love I have known.  I want to share my love and in turn God's love.  I am a Christian, not some crazy goofy weird Christian, but a down to Earth normal person, but I want to make a difference.  I just recently started to realize how blessed I truly am!  I know I am loved!  I know I am loved by many many people!  I am not perfect, I am not a model citizen or Christian.  But I try hard to do my best!  I am a really good person.  I love, I care, I try to uphold my morals, and I have faith and hope in God. 

Love- what does loving people mean? It does not mean loving everything about a person, what they are or what they do.  It means loving them as a person, love can be simple or it can be extremely complex.  But loving people no matter what they have done to me in the past is easier for me, because of my family.  They raised me to love and forgive and forget.  Forget does not mean out of my memory, but a fresh start to love like new.  I have been hurt to the core of who I am but I am a better person with better relationships because of it.  Some of the very worst moments in my life have shaped me into who I am today.  I am thankful for that!

Care- I want to do what I can.  I can't make house calls or do play dates as I would like.  I do care about so many people.  I pray a lot!  This is a way I can help.  I can reach out to those who need a listening ear.  I can pray for those who need it and that is easy because we all do!  We all need prayer!  Whether things are good or bad we need prayer!  I have seen the miracle of prayer work multiple times in my life.  At some point I will go in to the details of those moments. But for now just know I care, I love, I am here for you!

The Beginning

Finally I will share my brain and its inner working with you.  I know some of you have wondered what goes on inside my friendly, sweet sometimes freakishly too nice brain.  I guess this will be more like a journal for me and you are welcome to read if it interests you.  Thanks! Much love to all of you who care about me and love to all you who don't too! :)