Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eventful morning

Wow! What a day!  My mom called at 8:15 this morning to let me know she had fallen.  She had found the nearest urgent care center and needed to get there.  I hurried off the phone saying I will be right there.  John was at therapy with Katie and Johnny was still in pjs.  I had one day care client and he came along for the ride.  I have always said they are an extention of my family and today was the perfect example.  I was glad Katie wasn't there while we waited for 45 min in the waiting room, she would have scooted all over the place or screamed about wanting to.  Kids were figety but well behaved and I am glad I always have something fun in my purse- candy, pez and lollipop, a little bike, and a bug book.  If I had my car I would have been set but I had to take John's car with nothing fun or useful in it.  I had to go home and get Katie and another day care kid and then headed back to get my mom.  Now in my car with four car seats, stroller, diaper bag, snacks, and a MOVIE.  Perfect timing as she finished up as I pulled in and they rolled her out to my car immediately.   An hour and a half after our arrival she spent less than 10 minutes with the Dr. who said there is certainly no fracture and so he wouldn't order an xray.  SO she is supposed to spend two days off her feet, then go to HER Dr if her legs still hurt and he can order an MRI to make sure there is no ligament or tendon damage.  I don't know, I'd rather see an xray to make sure nothing is broken now, rather than wait two days or more and see her in excuriating pain.  I can sympathize more with people who care for their parents.  It is scary!  To see your Mommy in pain and not be able to really help her.  To feel the panic and worry as I drive to her house not having thought to ask 20 questions about what happened.  Thankful she held herself together and composed so I could keep it together to help her.  Wow!  She is an amazingly strong, wonderful woman- MY MOTHER!

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  1. What do you mean that I nothing fun in my car. The is an aluminum bat, cordless drill, a handheld GPS, 2 packs of playing cards, and trail maps. Heck, that's hours of fun right there!