Thursday, September 20, 2012


Frightened beyond all reason, but I am trusting God! I have wanted to speak at Coffee Break for years and I finally have my chance! I was sooo excited... Until I got a date then I freaked out. Well, only a little, I gave it over to God and am working really hard to leave it with Him. It is crazy for me to have wanted to do it. I am quiet, shy, reserved socially, a nice wallflower and forget speaking in front of people. I love to talk behind words, Facebook, letters, cards, blogs. I have time to process and place my words and thoughts carefully. But my brain to mouth transmissions come out awkward or don't come out at all. I am working on being more outgoing and am taking huge steps, but fear lingers. So, I keep praying and God keeps prompting me and leads me. Now I find myself preparing to talk about me in front of many people or at least I hope. :) For what seems like forever. So I am scared, but I will do it and I will glorify God! I am only worthy because of Him!

I hope you can join me at Coffee Break at Whittier Area Community Church on October 24th at 7 pm.
I am praying I won't disappoint you! :) Thanks! Love you!!