Monday, March 28, 2011


I wanted to share the testimony of what God has done in the life of my daughter, Katelyn Marie Jeanblanc. Katie is 14 months old, born on January 22, 2010. Last year at this time she couldn’t look to her left and had substantial left sided weakness.  I feared my daughter might never see, walk, or play, that she might be like a newborn for a long time and never be normal.  Her movement and vision were significantly impaired.  She would kick her right leg and not her left leg; reach with her right arm and not her left arm. Her gaze would focus on the right and I wondered if she could even see her mommy and daddy.
We knew why she was having so many problems. 12 hours after birth we found out she had a bleed in her brain.  After numerous tests and scans we learned she had a stroke in utero and had extensive brain damage, a bilateral intraventricular grade 3 hemorrhage with hydrocephalus and multiple cystic areas.  We still have no medical reason to why this happened, but we have many suspicions to God’s reasons.  We have had hundreds of people praying for her over this last year- prayers for healing, blessings and growth. 
In this last year her daddy and I have worked every day to push her to potential.  I expected nothing less than her potential.  Katie has amazed us all with her abilities.  But the true realization came three weeks ago.  I took her to see a GI doctor to make sure there was not an underlying problem with her petite body and slow weight gain.  The Dr. came in and after talking had no concerns with her height or weight, but she took a moment to look over Katie’s chart and it was her look of amazement that has brought reoccurring tears of joy to my eyes.    In amazement she says, “Wow!” in disbelief that Katie was the same child as in the chart.  That one “Wow” has been ingrained into my memory of the miraculous abilities of our God.  My little girl is highly functional!  She is active, talkative, scooting all over the place.  She will probably never crawl and that’s okay, but we are praying that in the next few months she will take her first steps.  We must wait to see what effects the bleed had on her in all academic areas, but my little girl can sit up, scoot, communicate, feed herself, and love. 
I am thankful to our glorious God for her healing.  He has filled me with faith, hope, joy and love! There is no medical reason for her miraculous success and recovery.  Only an Amazing Miracle performed by our Amazing Physician!  May we praise His name forever!

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