Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

I am not sure where to start.  I am nervous to start opening up.  My life has been a pretty good one.  I have awesome family!  I have two Godly wonderful parents!  They raised me to know unconditional love.  One of my current new years resolutions is to reach out to people.  To show that I care to new people, people beyond my norm, beyond my comfort space.  I am stuck inside my house 5 days of the week, except to run errands or go to baseball games.  I feel like a useless caged animal sometimes.  I enjoy and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job and that I get to stay home with my children.  I get to love these children like my own.  I get to take care and love my children 24/7.  But with that love comes the craziness of behavior and having to be the bad guy.  I wish I could just love all the time, but that wouldn't be good parenting alone.  I like to ramble and my thoughts can go all over the place, so my writing will too! Well, I want to love people outside of my house I want to show love to people who don't know the love I have known.  I want to share my love and in turn God's love.  I am a Christian, not some crazy goofy weird Christian, but a down to Earth normal person, but I want to make a difference.  I just recently started to realize how blessed I truly am!  I know I am loved!  I know I am loved by many many people!  I am not perfect, I am not a model citizen or Christian.  But I try hard to do my best!  I am a really good person.  I love, I care, I try to uphold my morals, and I have faith and hope in God. 

Love- what does loving people mean? It does not mean loving everything about a person, what they are or what they do.  It means loving them as a person, love can be simple or it can be extremely complex.  But loving people no matter what they have done to me in the past is easier for me, because of my family.  They raised me to love and forgive and forget.  Forget does not mean out of my memory, but a fresh start to love like new.  I have been hurt to the core of who I am but I am a better person with better relationships because of it.  Some of the very worst moments in my life have shaped me into who I am today.  I am thankful for that!

Care- I want to do what I can.  I can't make house calls or do play dates as I would like.  I do care about so many people.  I pray a lot!  This is a way I can help.  I can reach out to those who need a listening ear.  I can pray for those who need it and that is easy because we all do!  We all need prayer!  Whether things are good or bad we need prayer!  I have seen the miracle of prayer work multiple times in my life.  At some point I will go in to the details of those moments. But for now just know I care, I love, I am here for you!

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  1. Very cool. This is the same background that I use on my blog. :) I am in awe that you run a childcare business, not because you have two little ones of your own, but because of all that this past year has been for you. God bless you and your family.