Monday, September 12, 2011


I am overflowing!!! Overflowing with love and joy, overflowing with blessings!!!  I am thankful!! So, thankful!!  I am thankful at how I see God in every part of my life!! I can see how He has caught me when I've fallen and held me when I was down in the dumps!!  At the lowest part of my life I have had the conversations with Jesus that have deepened my faith!  When I wept and sobbed and could not talk Jesus was there, He comforted me, He held me at my loneliest moment!!  I have found comfort in Him and I am filled with courage!!  I have God on my side I can overcome the world!! 
I have watched Katie be seen by Dr after Dr and each is amazed and astounded by the miracle of her progress.  Katie is not the child whose history is on the charts.  She is an amazing miracle!!  Katie gives me hope and courage!!!
I am filled and I must overflow!!! I must share my courage and give encouragement!! I must share my love and joy!!! I must bubble over and help others find peace, forgiveness, grace, mercy, strength, and LOVE!!  God is good!!! He can fill the void in your heart!!!  He is overflowing with love and forgiveness!!  I have found Him and you can too!!!

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