Friday, March 16, 2012

Tell them NOW

A wonderful friend of mine past away this week, and I feel truly blessed that just last week I sent her a card. I told her how wonderful and beautiful she is and how amazing she is, I told her to lean on God for comfort. Little did I know that would be my last communication to her. But I told her what I thought of her and how much I loved her when she was here. I said everything I would have said at her funeral to her when she was still here. I was in denial of her passing. I guess I still kind of am. She was too young, too kind and nice, she was on Facebook last week, she can not be gone. But she is. It breaks my heart, but I have peace that she knows how much I loved her and why. I want to commit to telling people now, today, in this moment, how much I love them and why!!! I challenge you to do the same!! Do not save it for the memorial, tell them NOW!!!!!!

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