Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Positive versus Negative

Positive versus negative. What do you do more throughout the day- give thanks or complain, see the good in people or their annoyances, love or are indifference? Do you have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts? I am talking day in and day out, I understand we all have our bad days or down days. On most days where do your thoughts lie?
The Bible says that where your thoughts are that is where your heart is. The book, Crazy Love says that how you spend your days is how you spend your life. So, think about that- where are your thoughts, is that where you want your heart, think about your days- how do you spend them?- is that how you want to spend your life?
If most of your day is spent watching too much tv is that what you want your life known for or if you clean too much or you don't know what you do all day is that what you want to be know for?
If you spend it worrying or complaining or gossiping is that what you want to be known for?!?

I want to live a life of love and encouragement and giving!!!
I want people to see Christianity as a positive thing, not a negative thing!!
I want you to love more, encourage more and give more!!
I will talk another time on giving because it doesn't take money to give!! But that's for another day!!!
Today... Think, do, look at more positive things than yesterday!! Give thanks to God for all you do have!!!!
I love you!!!!
Live love!!!!!!

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